Forever Together Takes Your Consistent Commitment

October 7, 2017 by Yvonne Finn

Whether you are just starting to date or you are already in a long-term
relationship it is vital to remind yourself that forever together is what
you are going for AND it takes consistent commitment.

What does consistent commitment mean?

It means that you forget about Hollywood’s portrayal of love and
You must also eschew comparing your marriage or relationship
with anyone else’s.

Forever together takes repeated and ongoing effort to rebuild and
maintain a loving and respectful bond with each other.

It is not going to be all smooth sailing and there may be times
when one or both of you might feel like it is easier to quit than
to go on together.

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Getting from “Hello To Forever Together” need not be a pipe dream
no matter what statistics and your friends say.

When you make staying together in a loving, dynamic and fulfilling
relationship a labor of love you can achieve it!

I wish you success and great joy with your chosen beloved.

Can Any Romantic Relationship Survive Adultery?

September 20, 2017 by Yvonne Finn

Absolutely, yes a romantic relationship can survive adultery!

The rebuilt relationship may even blossom into a new love affair
with each other and your life together could become more
loving, honest and passionate.

But before any of that positive outcome can take place there are
some extremely painful moments to get through.

The first thing is that the adulterer must stop the affair and sever
all contact with the person they had the affair with.

All contact!

That is non-negotiable as it is the signal that they are prepared to
focus all their attention and energy on repairing the relationship.

Getting From Hello To Forever, Together!

Next, the unfaithful partner must come clean with as much details
about the affair as their partner wants.
If a partner only wants to know that the affair is over then give them
that assurance; however, there are others who might want all the
details, no matter how painful it is for them and you.
You must be completely honest and transparent with them and

One thing that the cheater cannot be allowed to do and should
not even try to do is blame their mate for the affair.

After that, the trust rebuilding stage will begin.

An affair is a trust destroyer and only time and scrupulous attention
to the hurt feelings of your betrayed partner will enable you to survive

For many couples an adulterous affair is relationship ending, so no
matter the contriteness the offending spouse that will be the outcome.

But for those couples who are willing to do the work required to rebuild
their relationship, there is help.

To those couples, I say do not feel ashamed or pressured into ending
your union if your desire is to save it.

Work together as a couple and get outside counsel when and if you
need it, just make sure that these professionals know that you want to
rebuild your relationship rather than walking a way from it.


Relationship Resolutions Anyone?

February 24, 2017 by Yvonne Finn

Relationship resolutions may seem unromantic at first glance but if you adopt a few
of the ones that follow you might find just the love you are looking for.

Elite Daily did an article called:  “Here Are The 17 Relationship Resolutions You Should Set In 2017” by Ishita Bhojwani

I will recap them here for you in the order I prefer.

  • Make dating fun and don’t worry so much about long-term
  • Mindset? Adventure to learn about each other!
  • It is okay to be yourself and show it
  • Be calm and in the moment
  • Ignore the Hollywood “ideal” relationship
  • Create your own real life one of a kind pairing
  • Make the first move! Say “Hello”
  • Don’t rush because everyone around you think you should

Don't rush your romantic relationship

Relationship Resolutions Can Free You!

Make some today and go for it!

Continue reading the article to find the ones you want to try and you could end the year
with the love of your life!


Turn Your Loveless Marriage Around

December 8, 2016 by Yvonne Finn

A loveless marriage can seem like a death sentence!

Your marriage is supposed to last forever, so when
it does not bring you joy it can feel like a prison.

Is divorce the only escape?

Not if you are willing to do some marriage saving

This can be a touchy subject I know, after all it is such
an intimate subject and can make you feel like a
personal failure.
But we do need to talk about it…

They say to solve a problem, you must first
acknowledge that you have one!

The reason you are reading this article
today is because you are a loving, devoted
wife who wants to make her marriage last.


Reignite The Love In Your Loveless Marriage

I want you to know that you are not the only
woman in this position and that I am here to
help you through it.

I want to applaud your desire to save your
marriage and ensure that it does NOT end in divorce
like so may others.

Because the truth is there are some proven, simple
steps that when followed will help you turn your
marriage back into a happy and loving relationship.

It does not really matter how you have gotten to
the point you are at now, what matters now is what steps
you are going to take to get you to where you want to be…
In a happy loving marriage, right?

You will see a recent user of the Marriage Savior System
speak about how Michael’s course has been able to turn her
marriage upside down for the better.

Michael’s course and Emily’s determination to
make her marriage work is the reason she was
able to do it and I know that you have that same
passion, drive and will to make your marriage
work, all you need to do is grab Michael’s
course, apply it to your marriage and put that
derailed train wreck of a marriage back on track!

Put Your Marriage Back On Track Today!

Women Are Worthy

August 6, 2016 by Yvonne Finn

Women Are Worthy to be accepted, acknowledged and appreciated!

Women Are Worthy to be accepted, acknowledged and appreciated!

Do you ever question your worth as a woman?
Have you felt paralyzed by the challenges you face?
Does moving ahead seem like too much of an effort?

Ettie was challenged in those areas and more, so she is
well equipped to help you overcome and soar into the
fulfilling life of YOUR dreams.
Have you buried those dreams under years of “stuff”?

Read Women Are Worthy and you will begin again to
see possibilities and potential instead of just problems.
Ettie has crafted this life-changing book to help you:

  • Discover your worth
  • Take action
  • Soar toward your goals

In Worthy Are Worthy, Ettie asks the question” Why perch like
a chick when you can soar like an eagle?

Why indeed!

Women Are Worthy Key Point

One of the key takeaways from this powerful and poignant book
is that women must believe in their worth. This is not something
that anyone else can give to you.

Rediscovering or taking back your self-worth is an intensive and
life-changing endeavour.

But as you will learn in Ettie’s intimate sharing of her profound
life lessons, skills and strategies designed to empower you, the
effort is well worth it.

It’s time to get up read, Women Are Worthy, get off that perch
and begin to soar like the eagle you know you are!

Mary Has Husband Problems

July 4, 2016 by Yvonne Finn

Mary has husband problems – he has cheated on her – and she wants to forgive him because:

She still loves him
This is the first time he has cheated
She wants to save her marriage

Mary is not neither a fool nor a “push over”.

Which is what her family and friends are calling her because of her desire to save her marriage.

It seems that very few of those in her circle are willing to support Mary.
But marriage is between two people and only they should decide if there is something salvageable
left in the relationship.

Before she found herself in this devastating situation Mary always wondered if she could ever
forgive such a betrayal in her marriage.

Now she knows she wants to forgive her husband and take a more active role in trying to prevent
another lapse.

Could you forgive a cheater?

Mary knows that forgiveness will take time and forgetting will never happen.

The two questions that she wants answered before she proceeds with the work to save her marriage are

Does my husband feel empathy for my hurt?
Will he work to ensure it does not happen again?

Regardless of the fact that her family and friends are encouraging her to “leave” and “get out” Mary
feels that the better option for her is to stay instead of running away.

She has seen too many of her friends run from marriage to the next only to repeat the same challenges
of the previous one.

Adultery in a marriage – as painful as it can be- can be viewed as wake up call to a more engaged and
dynamic relationship.

There is much work required to mend what is broken and build a new more honest union.

Couples are a team and no matter how well-meaning outsiders are they should not have a deciding
role in decisions that affect how the team operates.

Mary is determined to make this true in her marriage.

Get your own copy of “Getting From Hello to Forever Together” to read more on forgiveness
in your relationship.

Make Your Spouse Talk

March 23, 2016 by Yvonne Finn

Make your spouse talk to you is a misnomer as you cannot
actually ‘MAKE “anyone talk with you unless you use force.

I am sure you WILL not resort to that!

However, the easiest way to get your spouse to open up and
communicate with you is through positive “talking” on your

How to Talk So Your Husband Will Listen: And Listen So Your Husband Will Talk

Let them know that you respect and care about them and also
how it makes you feel when they shut you out.

Rejection! Lack of intimacy! Concern that something is
wrong with them or the relationship…
Do Not Nag!

Read: How to get your spouse to talk to you 7 tips for engagement

Remember, you cannot actually force your spouse or partner to engage
in a dialog with you but you certainly can make it appealing for
them to want to do so.

You do this by not shutting them out yourself…
You know: when they are not talking to you, you do the same …
as in the “revenge shutout”!

You withdraw with the attitude “I don’t know what’s bugging you” and I
have other things to do besides trying to read your mind!
Well, not only is that petty, but when you repeat that behavior it could
seriously harm your marriage or relationship later on.

“Why”, you ask?

Because, your mate might interpret it as your lack of caring about him
and the relationship.

I am sure that is not an impression you want him to have!

Degrading or eroding your love, care and respect for each other is
not a way to build a loving long-term life together.

It is important that you pick the right time and place to have this
conversation with your beloved.
Not when they are watching a much anticpated sports event on TV or
when they are tired from over-time at work.

Pick a quiet time free from distractions and say plainly that we really
need to talk.

Look into their eyes and let them know that this is very important to you…
then tell them that their recent lack of communication is causing you
to worry about the relationship.

Remember, your spouse is not a mind reader and neither are you …

Looking for some quick actions to refresh your marriage?

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