3 Critical Steps To Rebuilding Your Love Right Now

Here are 3 critical steps to rebuilding your love right now and even
through the stressful Holiday Season ahead.

If your spouse says they no longer love you, and
you feel more like enemies than friends, what
chance is there for turning the relationship
around and restoring the love? (The love may NOT
really be dead… more on how that’s possible in a

What if your spouse walked away?

Can you persuade them to return, even after you
poured your heart into it?
The answer is yes!  (but the techniques, even though extremely
effective and powerful, are not as conventional
as you might think.  In fact, you may be a
little apprehensive about trying them.)

But what do you really have to lose?

If you are brave enough to implement the “last-
chance” efforts I am about to reveal from my
colleague Frank Gunzburg, PhD, it is
possible, even though not guaranteed, that you
can enhance your success by tapping into
marriage-saving methods that may be completely
new and more effective than anything you’ve
previously tried.

This is important… let me explain.

Dr. Frank Gunzburg just released new strategies
designed specifically for crisis couples who
feel vulnerable, helpless and desperate to save
their marriages.  (Even couples where only ONE
spouse wants to save the marriage.)

These are seemingly hopeless marriages where one
spouse either walked away, or recently revealed
they no longer loved the other.

If I am describing your marriage, then please
read on because you are NOT at all alone.
Here’s why.

I’ve known about Dr. Gunzburg’s remarkable
success for almost 3 years, and one thing his
organization does well is research.  Recently
they performed a survey on a total of 1285
troubled marriages, and the findings were heart-

To give you a picture of the group, 93% are
still married, the average age is between 35-55,
and 75% of the couples have been married longer
than 11 years.

The unfortunate discovery was that only 5% of
the couples rated their marriage as happy.

* 49% rated their marriage as unhappy
– but unwilling to divorce…
* 31% rated their marriage as critical
– they are currently separated…
* 15% rated their marriage as desperate
– the divorce papers are filed…

Over 41% of the Couples are Separated

Even though 30% of the audience stated that both
individuals in the marriage are equally
committed to saving the marriage, a
disappointing 60% said their spouse cares little
for the relationship, while they are desperate
to save it.

Is the love really gone when one spouse wants
Here’s where Dr. Gunzburg’s findings become

According to Dr. Gunzburg, after working with
couples in crisis for over 35 years, when your
spouse says they no longer love you, that
doesn’t always mean the love is dead.  It may
simply mean the love has been covered up by
anger, frustration, resentment or other

Typically, this occurs because of an affair or
years of neglect.

To justify these feelings, your spouse may even
start rewriting history to match this feeling
that the love has died.  He or she might say
things like, “I never really loved you,” “I
married you out of a sense of obligation,” or,
“I was afraid you would fall apart if I left.”

As difficult as this situation may be, hope
isn’t lost because…

If you were once in love, you CAN fall in love

There are three specific steps you can take
starting RIGHT NOW to revive the loving feelings
that once flourished in your marriage.  These
are not gimmicks, tricks or clever little
psychological games.

These strategies were born after 35 years of
counseling crisis couples.  Couples who first
came into Dr. Gunzburg’s office acting more like
enemies than friends were later transformed into
lovers, best friends and soul mates.

These couples didn’t get their relationship back
to where it was before the love evaporated.
They learned how to make their relationship
better than ever.

If you know your marriage needs serious
“medicine” to cure the ills you are faced with,
please use this link to read about the 3 skills
designed to rebuild the love.

After you use the link, scroll 1/3 of the way
down to read through the 3 skills crisis couples
need to follow.

These skills are designed to be followed in

In fact, throughout the program Dr. Gunzburg
uses examples and stories of couples in crisis
that will help you relate these principles to
your day-to-day life.

When you use this link, you’ll read excerpts
from these stories.

Continue Learning How To Rebuild Your Love Right Now!

For example:

Martha and Todd Todd was blown away when Martha
dropped the “D” word. He didn’t even know what
to say. He never dreamed things had gotten this
bad between them. Unfortunately he hadn’t heard
Martha’s repeated pleas for connection and
communication. Now he faces losing his wife of
28 years.

Rachel and Clarence Rachel was sitting on the
sofa. Her face was pale, and she was unable to
speak. She felt like she was spinning. Part of
her wanted to cry, but somehow she was too
overwhelmed for the tears to come. She just sat
listening to Clarence as she felt her world
falling apart all around her. Clarence just
confessed to his affair.  Discover the steps
they took to save their marriage from divorce
and restore the love, even after the affair.

Use this link to Rebuild the Love

One other important note…

After you read about his program, I strongly
recommend you invest in it.
Rebuild the Love and  Remember, when your spouse says they no longer
love you, that doesn’t mean the love is dead.
It may simply mean the love is covered over by
their “anger and resentment.”

You have a chance to win your spouse back and
begin again.;

Plus, Discover How To Melt Your Man’s Heart!


I wish you the best as you learn to rebuild your love starting now!

Warm Regards,

Yvonne Finn

Your Relationship Whisperer

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