How To Overcome And Survive An Affair

To overcome and survive an affair your marriage you will need to take actions in these 3 areas.

They are:

  • Avoid the blame game
  • Learning to forgive
  • Re-establishing physical intimacy

The blame game:

When a couple is faced with an affair in their marriage it is not un-usual for the finger-pointing and the blame game to start and get out of hand.

But if it is accepted and agreed that there is never an excuse or reason to cheat in your marriage then that should be enough to put an end to this no-win blame game.

This childish behaviour is counter-productive and will only delay the hard work that will be needed to overcome and survive the affair together.


Overcome and survive an affair

Learning to forgive:

The betrayed spouse will have to be very committed to their marriage to learn ways to forgive the betrayer.

There will be setbacks as the injured spouse will be haunted by the recurring infidelity images of their partner’s cheating.

The cheating spouse will have to be conscientious in sticking to whatever requirements the cheated on spouse needs to feel secure and appreciated in the relationship again.

Some of these basic requirements may include but not restricted to:

  • The betrayer will have to sever all ties with the third person.
  • The betrayer will have to have a verifiable schedule, with no un-accounted for time slots

Re-establishing physical intimacy:

Re-establishing physical intimacy after an affair in your marriage can be one of the most challenging episodes in your relationship.

The first step in becoming intimate again is to forgive and accept that infidelity is now part of your marriage make-up.

Notice, I did not say that you have to condone your partner’s adulterous affair, but to re-establish physical intimacy in your marriage you must put the betrayal in the past and leave it there.

Talking about how you feel can actually make you stronger as a couple as you show your more honest, open and vulnerable sides

Some marriages have not only overcome the affair by one or both spouses; but have been re-created to form stronger more dynamic bonds.
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