Why Women Accept A Cheating Husband?

Women accept a cheating husband because they love him and they married for “better or for worse”.

Couples tend to forget about the downside of the marriage vows hoping only for all the good and positive stuff of the relationship.

Many couples are writing their own wedding vows, but as a caution, they should remember to include that a marriage does not consist of two perfect people, but two people who aim to live in perfect harmony.

So, why women accept a cheating husband is more about accepting your husband while being angry and disappointed in him because of his cheating.

Women accept a cheating husband because their commitment to their marriage and their love for their husband is strong enough to forgive this terrible betrayal.

It is possible to love, cherish  and accept a cheating husband!
You can love a wrong-doer while hating the wrong they have done.
Parents do this all the time for their children.

Women who accept a cheating husband should not allow themselves to be judged as weak, only they know  the value of their marriage and the strength of the relationship.

As well, we will all need forgiveness at some time, so do not be pressured into leaving an otherwise good marriage because family and friends say you should.

If cheating is a one time lapse of good judgement in the otherwise good marital behaviour of your husband and you can find a way to forgive him and work towards saving your marriage, then you should do.

Women accept a cheating husband because they refuse to label him permanently: to them he is not just a cheating husband but rather a husband who has cheated.

As human beings we all crave unconditional love, however, when it comes to give this very precious gift, we fall short.

Women accept a cheating husband not because they are week or lack self-esteem or any of the other labels that are placed on them at this trying time in their lives; they do it because they have big hearts and know that anyone can make a mistake and that “to err is human, to forgive is divine”!

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2 Responses to Why Women Accept A Cheating Husband?

  1. Sha says:

    OMG this is pathetic. A cheater is a liar. A cheater is a One-up or One-over thinker, wants to dominate, control and detach. Its a waste of time and energy rationalizing cheating based on culture, personality, gender, status, or anything else. Cheating is abusive. If your partner cheats, run fast and far to someone who doesn’t cheat. Love yourself girlfriend, because the cheater clearly doesn’t love you.

    Oh Strawberryrivergirl!
    Thanks for your comments and take on this post.
    If only life and relationships were so simple and one dimensional then I would agree with you.
    But, it is not and will never be fixed into a formula.
    Many spouses have forgiven their cheating partner this momentary lapse in judgement
    and gone on to create or re-create enduring and dynamic marriages and life-long unions.

    Cheating is painful beyond measure and a shock to the victim and sometimes even the cheater
    feels bereft of an explanation.
    But, we are human and make mistakes and need forgiveness.
    and wonderful

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