Do You Want An Infidelity Survival Kit?

Do you want an infidelity survival kit to help with the shock and pain of cheating in your marriage?

Then you are probably feeling lost and confused and want practical strategies to make sense of it all and need an infidelity survival kit to help you cope.

Healing the emotional and sometimes physical pain of infidelity can often be more difficult that even the trauma of losing a child – because in the death of a child at least you and your spouse are dealing with the pain together and can console and be a source of strength and support for each other

With infidelity – you feel so alone in your pain and being around your spouse can make you feel like you are literally sleeping with the enemy.

The rage, anger and betrayal you feel is normal and valid, however; for your well-being you will have to find healthy ways to release these negative and debilitating emotions.

One thing you must avoid is accepting blame for your spouse’s infidelity and betrayal of you and the marriage.

The decision to have an affair is his and his alone!

However here are 3 must haves for your infidelity survival kit:

  1. Set up a time and private place to talk about the affair
  2. Determine the conversation rules
  3. Agree to complete honesty and transparency

You will need time and privacy to talk about the affair with your partner and when you are both rushing off to work or dressing the children for school in the mornings is too distracting to have this important talk.

The conversation rules will help you both respect each other’s “talk time” without interruptions and “talk overs”. This is a very volatile time and can get heated and out of hand. You might both start raising your voices and stop listening to what the other spouse is saying, this would be counter-productive and a waste of time.

As the injured party, you must be completely honest with your spouse about how much pain the affair has caused you. Let them “feel” your pain, anger and fear in as much detail as you can.

Even if your spouse is not able to fully understand the magnitude of your hurt, you must let it out in order to begin your own healing process.

My best wishes to you and hope that you find the infidelity survival kit a big help in surviving the affair and saving your marriage.

Download your 2 free infidelity survival kits at the links below:

Help you Survive The Affair

Help you save your marriage

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  1. Meadow says:

    Thank you so much for this article, it saved me time!

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