How To Survive An Affair And Stay Together

How to survive an affair and stay together is information and resources for couples who are:

  • In crisis in their marriages
  • And want to find helpful advice to get past the damage that infidelity has done to their relationship.

In our current society men and women have adulterous affair for all kinds of reasons.
However, one thing is certain; cheating is
a breach of trust and is hurtful to the
person being cheated on.

In the USA alone 1 in 3 couples will at some time have to deal with the fallout of either an
emotional affair or actual physical cheating in their marriage!
Shocking statistics, I know!
However, many of these couples do manage to overcome the pain and anger of this
devastating betrayal and go on together to REMAKE their marriage into a stronger
more loving and dynamic relationship.


No matter how “dead” a marriage might have become, as soon as a spouse discovers
that their partner is having an affair they will very often experience anger, shock,
and shame that their
cheating spouse has rejected not just the marriage, but them
as well.

These toxic combinations of rage, frustration, resentment and jealousy can be quite
numbing for the injured spouse and they will be at a loss about how to move forward.

How to survive an affair and stay together wants couples to have all the advice and
resources that will enable them to break free from lethargy and get step-by-step
guidance from Dr. Frank Gunzburg, who has helped many couples move their
marriages forward to a reconciled and happier relationship for over 30 years.
Dr.Gunzburg is a licensed counselor , however, I believe it is his caring attitude and
extensive research that makes him so effective in helping couples survive an affair, save
their marriages and stay together.

Usually couples are too quick to opt for a divorce, instead of trying to work on what needs
fixing in their marriage. Remember that it takes two!

While it might be inevitable that some marriages must end, far too many end prematurely!

Creating relationship trust turnaround  in your marriage takes commitment and hard work so you will need
someone who is a champion for your marriage for those times when you feel like giving up.

This is the kind of support that survive the affair and stay together provides in the form of
free resources such as the ones you can download at the 2 links below.


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