Making A Long Good Marriage Between Couples

Making a long good marriage between couples takes more than love.

Because the marriage relationship is not always magical, fantasy or totally harmonious.

You see, the good long marriage takes ongoing work to make it work.

It is an intensely intimate and delicate relationship between two imperfect people trying to create a perfect union.

The long good marriage will encounter ups and downs trials and triumphs and lots of compromise.

Let me just say this: If you hate to compromise and always must have your own way, then please seriously consider dealing with that issue BEFORE you contemplate marriage.

If you hope to enjoy the long good marriage then you will need to let go of the need to always be right and know that some things are just not worth fighting over.

That is not to say that you should never express your opinions or put up with any type of abuse or disrespect from your spouse.

No! No! No!

However, the long good marriage cannot be achieved by constantly trying to change your spouse, many marriages have been lost because of this fruitless effort, don’t waste your energies trying to do it.

Here is an example:

Your spouse is a sport junkie and you could care less about sports.

He is happy if you watch his favourite sports event with him, but is not upset if you would rather not.

Why not get a life and find your own thing to like and let him enjoy his hobby?

Why try to force him to give it up?

Worse still why try to make him feel guilty about it?

With such complaints as; you never have time for me or you love your sports more that you love me!

Is that really valid? Or just childish whining?

It takes two committed, loving and adaptable grown up people to sustain the good long marriage …

Can you stay together through the good times and the bad times?

Just know that the good long marriage is not an accident  or without effort, it takes a little luck, a lot of stamina and “sticking together” much compromising and of course love.

I know you can do it and I am rooting for you to enjoy a long good marriage!


Enjoy A Good Long Marriage Here!

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