We Can Work It Out: After The Affair

What does it take to work it out and save your marriage? There are probably many different strategies and tools to help you survive an affair, but ultimately it will take your attitude and decision to work through the pain and shame and reconcile with your spouse.

Will it be easy?


Will it take time?


Can you do it?


When you are first faced with the affair, your anger, pain and feelings of betrayal can leave you numb and at a loss for words.

You will need time to process these toxic mix of emotions.

Take the time you need and do not be pressured to “get over it” until you feel ready to begin working it out with your spouse.

If you do decide to stay together and work it out, then you must be honest and tell your spouse just how much his affair has hurt you and damaged your  trust and respect for him.

There is no way to work it out after the affair unless you become totally honest and vulnerable with each other.

You will want to know why your spouse felt he needed to have the affair; do not allow yourself to be blamed for their betrayal and lapse in moral judgement.

When you are ready to work it out after the affair here is a very effective tool that will be a blueprint for you and spouse.

Don’t get me wrong you will have to work hard at this and there will be some setbacks as you work forward, however this book is very well researched and has practical strategies, but more importantly, it offers hope and many testimonials from couples who have used the advice given with much success in working it out after the affair.

Learn How To Work It Out And Save Your Marriage Here

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