Can Your Relationship Survive An Adulterous Affair

Can your relationship survive an adulterous affair? Unfortunately some don’t!

Could yours?

Why do some couples manage to struggle through the pain, anger and shame of
an adulterous affair and not only save their marriage, but go on to recreate a
relationship that is even more dynamic than the one they previously had?

Well, the foundation on which the relationship was built would have to be intact
up to the point of the affair and the commitment by both partners would have to
be very strong.

An affair is a most devastating breach of trust and betrayal of the cheated on spouse.

It will take a sincere and unconditional apology from the spouse who cheated;
no excuses, evasions and most certainly no trying to blame the injured spouse and
making them in any way complicit in this moral lapse in judgement.

Without that there is no place to start to survive the affair and work to save the marriage.

After the apology some betrayed spouses will sometimes want to know all the details of
the affair, such as who the other person was or is and when it started and is it over, etc.

These are all valid inquiries and the cheater should be prepared to be completely
open, honest and transparent in their responses.

From now on everything they do will come under minute scrutiny because they have
damaged the trust and security that the betrayed spouse once felt in the marriage.

If the relationship is to survive the adulterous spouse will have to be where they promise
to be, exactly when they promise to be there and do not give the cheated on partner any
reason for suspicion.

If your relationship is to survive an adulterous affair, you will have to take the time you
need to heal your broken heart, rebuild the trust in your marriage, learn to respect and
trust your spouse again.

Over time you will hopefully recover enough faith in the marriage to want to re-affirm
your love and passion and be open to being romantic and intimate with each other again.

I would like to share two very helpful Marriage Saving resources with you.
They are created by Dr. Frank Gunzburg who is an experienced and kind, pro-marriage
counselor with over 30 years of helping couples save their marriages.

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