How To Rebuild The Honesty After The Affair

How to rebuild the honesty after the affair is one of the most important questions to be
answered when trying to save your marriage.

It was so easy to take each other at face value in the days prior to the affair.
But now that adultery is part of your relationship story you no longer trust each other on even the
most minor things.
That is the nature of broken trust!

If you have been cheated on you are always on alert to catch your cheating partner in a lie.
Even if the cheater is just a few minutes late in coming home you start to think the worst -that they might be “at it again”.

Your cheating partner might become unwilling to be honest with you because they might feel that you wont believe them anyway and so “what’s the point”.

This situation can go on for a long time and will only get worse as communication breaks down completely and you start living as “cohabiting strangers”.

So, what is the solution?
Sometimes it is better to start rebuilding your marriage completely, rather than trying to rebuild on the old foundation.

Dr. Gunzburg has been helping couples for over 35 years and 3 years ago he was asked to outline a specific program to help couples learn to rebuild their marriage and  learn to trust each other again.

Dr. Gunzburg knows exactly what to do and have had great results, however his methods are not quick fixes and you must be willing and open to doing your part in mending your marriage and rebuilding the trust in your relationship.

One of the attributes of Dr.Gunzburg method is that you can do this on your own even if your spouse is unwilling at first to become involved.
For example he does not tell you about forgiveness, he takes a different approach, which will take the pressure off your spouse.
Dr. Gunzburg also says that saying “I’m sorry” can actually make the situation worse if you don’t do it correctly.

Dr. Gunzburg says that in his 35 years he has discovered:

  • 5 major factors that go into rebuilding honesty

He shares these in his program designed to help couples rebuild the honesty after the affair in their marriage.

Download your copy of how to rebuild the honest here!


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