What To Say To Your Husband After His Affair

What to say to your husband after his affair is a questions no wife ever dreams of having to answer.

Unfortunately, many wives do find themselves not only answering that question but having to deal with
the reality, trauma
and pain of infidelity in their marriage.

It is very important right from the start not to allow your husband to try to make the affair your fault.

You will most likely have a lot of  blinding emotional pain, anger and bitterness directed towards your
husband after learning of his affair.

Granted,  this will be one of the most difficult conversations you will ever have and finding the words
to convey the pain and shame you feel will be a challenge for you in this time of shock and devastation.

However, it is the way you express these legitimate emotions that will set the stage for saving your marriage.

You might be tempted to say very degrading and contemptuous words to your husband after his affair  and
you might feel justified in doing this, however, these words cannot be taken back and might become an
insurmountable stumbling block to recapturing the love and respect in your marriage.

There are 3 steps to take to answer the question of what to say to your husband after his affair.

  1. Set up an appropriate time and place to talk
  2. Set some ground rules for the conversation
  3. Strive for complete honesty and transparency

Imagine trying to have this talk while rushing to get yourself or the children ready for the day’s routines.

The place should be private and free from distractions, this is going to be a very emotional conversation and
you want privacy to be open and honest and vulnerable with each other.

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