Your Husband Cheated And Wants To Apologize, But….

Your husband cheated on you and wants to apologize … but you just can’t shut up long enough to listen to him.

Your constant stream of angry words and feelings of bitter resentment towards him might feel like the only way to protect your wounded and tender heart after learning that he has cheated on you and betrayed both you AND the marriage.

However, this is not a sustainable or productive position to take, and you might eventually damage your health, both physically and emotionally.

Whether you are going to try to save the marriage and survive the affair together or move on separately, you will need to speak civilly to each other and try to learn what caused the marriage breakdown.

Your husband cheated and wants to apologize, but that is not the same as him making excuses or trying to blame you.

So, give him the opportunity to speak!

All you need at this point is a sincere “I’m sorry”!

That will certainly not be enough to erase all the hurt, humiliation and betrayal that you feel, but it is the simplest place to start talking to each other again.

It is clear at this stage in your marriage that something is missing or at least your husband seems to think so.

Whether you agree with him or not, it is to your benefit to listen to what he has to say.

Only by honest, open and non-blaming communication will the two of you be able to work out what that is and decide if you can work it out and learn to forgive each other and save your marriage.

A cheating husband is a bitter pill to swallow and many wives find that this is a “deal breaker” that will end their marriage.

Still many others find the commitment and love to forgive their cheating husbands and rebuild trust, respect and intimacy in their marriage.

Could you?

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