How To Survive The Affair Together, Save Your Marriage And Avoid Divorce …

So, your husband has had an affair and
you have decided to forgive him and save your marriage
and avoid divorce!

I wish you much success and encouragement.
The next big step in this journey towards healing
in your relationship is to accept that your husband’s
decision to have an affair is NOT your fault.

Know that you are not defective or lacking in any way.
You did not drive him into the arms of the other woman.
The choice to have an affair and endanger the marriage is
his and his alone.

When you can accept this fact then your marriage will
have a better chance of regaining the balance that it
once had.

If you feel and own the responsibility that you caused the
cheating then you will start to compare yourself to and
compete with the other women, instead of working
on feeling good about who you are.

Here are 4 things do to Help You Survive The Affair.

  • Accept that in ALL human relationships there will be some
    mistakes; things we could have done better and angry words
    we should not have said to each other.
    Mistakes will always happen! They can even strengthen your
    relationship, depending on how maturely they are dealt with
    and resolved. That is how we grow and evolve!
    Communicate honestly and respectfully with one another.
  •  Accept that your husband’s decision to have an affair was his
    poor choice in trying to cope with whatever issues or challenges
    that were present in your marriage, instead of looking inward he
    chose to seek an outward solution that damaged your union even
  • Accept that your husband is trying to find ways to cope with his
    own inner turmoil and while an affair is an excruciatingly painful
    and heartbreaking sense of betrayal it might prove to be the
    catalyst that is needed to get him on the road to healing and
    recovery and help to save your marriage and avoid divorce.
    In his very helpful ebook, Break Free From The Affair, Dr. Bob
    Huizenga lists 7 different types of affairs, the men likely to fall
    into them and how to resolve those issues and break the pattern.
  • Another and probably most significant step in surviving the affair,
    saving your marriage and avoiding divorce is accepting that the
    other woman is NOT better than you.
    Recognizing this can springboard you very far forward on your way
    to healing from the damaging blow that your self-esteem has suffered.
    Take this time to take stock of who you really are and empower yourself
    to love and respect all your strengths and admirable qualities.
    Yes, we can all aim to be better than we were the day before, but no
    one can be better than us, because no one can be us.

When you have made these shifts in thinking you will find that your sense
of personal power will help you heal, feel wonderful and worthwhile again
which will make you happy that you decided to save your marriage and
avoid divorce.


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