Repairing The Trust After An Affair Will Be Difficult

Repairing the trust after an affair will be difficult but possible if you still love and are still physically
attracted to your husband.

The respect and trust you once held for him has been damaged but can, over time and with committed effort by both of you, be rebuilt.

Rebuilding trust is hard to do because it is based on the belief that you  “know” who the other person; but at this point you might feel that you no longer know your partner.

On her wedding day a wife says the vows for “better or for worse” but does not actually believe that her trust would ever be so terribly betrayed AND tested in this way.

Repairing trust after an affair will be difficult and can be full of set backs as you will always be afraid of being betrayed again.

It will take strong commitment to stay focused on the good things in the marriage and allow the trauma of the affair to fade away.

Are you both willing to go all the way to start  Saving Your Marriage

Well then you will have to face up that there is some serious problems in your marriage that will have to be addressed and worked out.

As a couple you will have to work on some key points in your marriage, such as:

  • Stopping the divorce
  • Working through the issues of the affair (without blaming and excuses)
  • Rebuilding mutual trust and respect for each other
  • Learn what to do and say to bring your spouse home (if they have left)
  • Rebuild communication
  • Learn to have fun together and enjoy each other again.

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