Time To Move On To Romance After The Affair

Have you been following my blog posts about:

  • How to save your marriage and
  • Avoid divorce  after an affair in your marriage?

Well, I hope you have decided that; not only CAN you save your marriage
but THAT it is time to move on to romance after the affair.

If you have been reading my articles and blog posts then you will know
that I am pro-marriage repair and working it out together.

That means I believe that many couples can still save their marriage
and avoid divorce even after infidelity by one or both spouses.

However, there are certain criteria that must be met!

Two of the biggies are:

  • There must not be any abuse (physical, emotional or verbal)
  • The partner being cheated on must not accept blame for the affair

Now if the you have decided to save  your marriage  and stay together
to re-build your relationship then you will WANT to recapture the
intimacy and romance that you once enjoyed as a couple.

If you still love and are in love with each other you will want to find
ways to express those feelings and I have found just the right
relationship advice program to help you do that.

It is called “Text The Romance Back” and Michael Fiore, the creator, has done
a fantastic job of capturing just the right balance of seriousness and playfulness
that is required to rekindle and reignite romance back into your relationship.

Text The Romance Back has been featured in a segment of Rachel Ray, who exclaimed
that “I got chills!” when she saw how well the techniques worked.

There is nothing complicated about this program and the pleasurable results are
immediate and delightful.

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