How To Have Fun With Your Husband Again

Has he had an affair?

You have decided to stay together?

And now you want to re-learn how to have fun with your
husband, again?

That is a very good sign that you are really ready to work to
save your marriage and avoid divorce.
This will still be a fragile and tentative situation and
you will feel unsure of what to do and say.

Having fun with each other is a good way to recapture and
re-build the closeness and intimacy that may have been lacking
before or after the affair.

To start having fun with your husband again, you must recall
the things that you liked to do together and then make time
to do those things again.

When you are trying to save your marriage and avoid divorce,
bringing romance back into your relationship can be fun and
does not have to be expensive and extravagant.
Simple little gestures can be very endearing and intimate.

For example, sending him an unexpected text message telling
him that you are looking forward to going out or staying in
with him can be enticing and builds anticipation for both
of you.

Or, depending on how adventuresome you are, you can text some
of the things you want to do to him or have him do for you.

It is not so much what you say as much as the message it conveys
that you are thinking of him and your time together.

It works, I know!

I have discovered a program by Michael Fiore, called Text The
Romance Back, and boy does he have it right.

In this program Michael has techniques for all couples to try, from
the bold to the timid and everyone in between.
It is amazing how 3 simple text messages from you to your husband
can fire up your love life and bring romance back into your
relationship again.

The testimonial from ecstatic couples are numerous, heartfelt and

It gives me great pleasure to recommend and encourage you to grab your
risk-free copy of this romance building tool.

If you are still hesitating and wondering if Text The Romance Back will
work for you, then read this inspiring testimonial by a very happy wife …

“Hi. Today my husband was so tired and  frustrated
with his work that he literally shouted at me on the phone.

I sent him a message saying ‘If I were there right now . . .
imagine my soft hands on your shoulders, your muscles
melting under my touch, my long nails dragging across
your skin. You feel yourself melting into your chair
like your muscles are loose spaghetti. Like you couldn’t
be tense no matter how hard you tried.

All that tension flows out of you like water out of a spigot.
Your skin tingles. You feel my breathe on your neck, my lips
lightly kiss your skin and all your worries fly away.

I love you, baby. Calm down.’

As soon as his work ended, he read my message and immediately
called me and started saying how he cannot thank God enough for having
a wife like me in his life. I’m so happy. I thought I should thank
YOU for that. So, thanks so much. You have brought back the intimate
connection between us that seemed to have been lost. Thank you loads.
Your advice really does work. ;-)”

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