Surviving Infidelity And The Ensuing Emotional Trauma To Save Your Marriage And Avoid Divorce

Have you been a victim of infidelity in your marriage?
Then you know that surviving infidelity and the ensuing
emotional trauma to save your marriage and avoid divorce
will take time and hard work.

Some people will feel numb, but that does not last, though
they might wish it would.

After the numbness wears off the excruciating pain and blinding
rage and anger will set in.

Surviving infidelity will take all the strength and willpower
that you have if you wish to save your marriage and avoid divorce.

So you must find ways to nurture and heal your shattered

One of the most damaged areas of your relationship will be
your self-esteem and self-confidence.

You will feel rejected and abandoned by the one person who
promised to love and cherish you forever.

No matter what their excuse is, you cannot escape this feeling,
and while it may eventually pass it is a devastating blow to your

The first step to surviving infidelity and the ensuing emotional
trauma is to refuse to accept that your spouse’s affair is
your fault.
While there might have been challenges in the marriage that
could have been handled differently by both of you, deciding
to have an affair is completely your partner’s responsibility.

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After you have made it clear that you will not be held responsible
for the affair committed by your spouse then you must also get
them to confirm this and accept ownership of this lapse in judgement,
if you are to be successful in saving your marriage and avoiding divorce.

The second step is to avoid comparing yourself to the person your
partner cheated on you with.
Many spouses  are tempted to do this, but ultimately this is a futile exercise
and will not resolve the issues and challenges in your marriage.
If you and your spouse decide to save your marriage and avoid divorce
then you must both be sure that you truly know and accept each other, so trying to
change to be like someone else is counterproductive.

Be yourself and be accepted for who you are and be proud of the great one of
a kind attributes that you bring to the relationship.
This will serve as an unsurpassed ego boost that will eventually restore
and rebuild your shattered self-esteem and confidence.

All this will take time, so please give yourself permission to take as much
time as you need to get past this painful and damaging blow to your

Is there hope for surviving the devastation of an affair in your marriage?

At times it might seem hopeless and you wonder if you will ever feel
normal again.

I am happy to tell you that many victims of a cheating spouse do manage
to survive the trauma and go on to repair and even rebuild stronger
more engaged marriages than they had before.

Help You Survive The Affair

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