Getting What You Want From Your Man

Getting what you want from your man without manipulations and trickery is
not only possible, but it is the only way to have a real relationship in the long run.

Within these 180 pages of well written and highly focused content, KAREN OH will
show you  the 12 steps to help you decipher how getting what you want from your man
can be easy, fun and intimacy building.
Karen Oh is an expert on men because, not only does she clearly like and
respect men but as she states “she made men the focus of this study” that has
yielded these “secrets”.
The first step in getting what you want from your man is to know what you want.

No two relationships has the exact same dynamics, so don’t compare yours to
anyone else’s!
When you are clear about what you want then you can then start to look at
your relationship to see areas that you want to change or improve.

These 12 steps are bound to change your life and relationship in a positive way!
You will have more meaningful and intimate dialogue with your spouse as you work
together to reinvent a more dynamic and vibrant marriage for both of you.

The 12 steps are easy to understand and takes for granted that you love and
respect your husband and don’t see him as a project or something that needs fixing.

Trying to change someone who does not want to change or be changed is a lose-lose
What Men Made Easy is advocating is that you know and like yourself, know what
you want from your spouse and the relationship, then be open, honest and trusting
enough to articulate those wants in a way that your man who wants to make you happy
will make the effort to fulfill them thus making you both happy.

Of course, you will do the same, by getting to know what you man wants in the
relationship and how you can accommodate his wants as well!

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