Prevent Your Marriage From Becoming Stale

All of us take precautions to prevent food from becoming stale!
We update our looks and our home decor regularly.

But what about our marriage?
What can you do to prevent your marriage from becoming stale and boring?

Here are 5 reasons that cause your marriage to become stale:

  • Boredom
  • Lack of similar interests
  • Clogged communication
  • Injured intimacy
  • Other stress points outside the marriage

Boredom is caused by unrealistic expectations of one or both spouses who
thought that the marriage would take care of itself without any effort on their
Many couples feel that the wedding day is the marriage and have no plan of
action to ensure that the  relationship remains dynamic and exciting.

Lack of similar or shared interests can destroy your union and the closeness
that is part of this unique relationship.
That does not mean that the both of you have to be “joined at the hip” or have no
individual activities away from each other.
It is necessary to establish a balance in this and all areas of your relationship!

Clogged communication is often the biggest contributing factor in marriages
that become stale.

Prevent your marriage from becoming stale by treating each other with honest
and respectful dialogue.
Unresolved resentments and misunderstandings can lead to anger and “silent
treatments” which does nothing to strengthened the marriage bond.

Injured intimacy can contribute to a stale marriage!
Are you one of those couples who think that just because you are having sex
that you have intimacy?
While sex is a part of marital intimacy, there is so much to being intimate.
Do you share thoughts and feeling that you would never share with anyone
We all change and grow and want to be known and appreciated, so check in
with each other to find out about these changes.
Don’t assume or take each other for granted!

Other stress points in your relationship can become destructive,
especially if one spouse feels isolated and disconnected
from the marriage.
If your partner is experiencing some difficulties at work or health issues and do
not feel they can share it with you, then your marriage could become
The danger of that is of course that they might turn outside the marriage
the support and understanding that they need.

Take an honest look at your relationship to see if you need to make adjustments
to prevent your marriage from becoming stale…


Prevent Your Marriage From Becoming Stale

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