3 Steps To Help You Save Your Marriage And Avoid Divorce After His Affair

Do you want to help you save your marriage and avoid divorce after his affair?

Because an affair is such a gut-wrenching event  some couples
are not successful in saving the marriage relationship.

However, many more do!

The first thing you need to do is to avoid the barrage of advice and
input that you will receive from friends and family.

As well intentioned as some of this advice might be it is not going to help
you sort out this private and painful situation.

Your relationship is between you and your husband and only the both of you can decide
if the marriage is worth saving.

Remember, marriage is a team effort!
You and your spouse makes up the team.

So what should you do first?

Step 1
Take time apart from your spouse if you need it.
Regardless of what he would like to see happen, you should do what
you feel will help you cope with the anger and excruciating emotional
pain that you are experiencing.
Don’t be pressured or rushed into communication with your husband if
you feel that what you say would only make matters worse.
Bitter words, no matter how justified cannot be unspoken and while they
might not be meant, can do irreparable harm to your already fragile relationship.

Step 2 When you are ready to talk with your husband, let him talk. Listen! While there is no excuse for his cheating and you are not to blame for his decision to do so, you must listen to his reasons for why he had the affair. Remember, as traumatic as it is, an affair is a  dramatic symptom that something
has gone very wrong in your marriage.
Since you want to save your marriage, avoid divorce and rebuild your relationship, you
need to know what is causing the malfunction and since neither of you is a mind
reader, communication is key.

Step 3
Decide what is salvageable and worth keeping in your marriage.
Focus on the wonderful qualities that brought you together in the first place.
What made you fall in love?
The affair, as devastating as it is, will not define your marriage,
if you don’t let it.
At this point you may not even have forgiven your husband for the affair,
but you both have decided to stay together and work on rebuilding love, trust and intimacy.
Avoid premature forgiving!
It is tempting to just try to sweep the affair under the proverbial rug,
but it wont stay there.
Do the work needed.

Make the effort to talk honestly and respectfully with one another.

And if you need objective and impartial input and guidance from
trained professionals get it,

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