He Pulls Away Because You Changed

Are you telling yourself that he pulls away because he is a jerk
or afraid of commitment?

Some men do pull away for those reasons, but what if he emotionally pulls away because you have changed.

Far too many women feel that they have to be manipulative or not be themselves to get
a man to love and stay with them.

This  move is so wrong and so stupid, I cannot stress how foolish that idea is to a healthy long-term romantic relationship.

Whether you are a bitch or the nice girl next door you should respect your man enough to let him fall in love with the real you.
That way you will never again worry that he pulls away because you changed.

Why do you think men stay with women even though they seem to be bitchy or loud or demanding etc.
Well, it is because these women are real, they are themselves authentically and whether we like them are not, their men like and love them and that is the point.

These women have allowed their men to love them just the way they are.

What do you think would happen if these bitchy women had pretended to be little
miss sweet as spice?
How long do you think she could keep up that masquerade?
And what do you think usually happens when her man learns that he has a not so nice spouse or partner?

Unless he does something equally stupid, such as trying to change her, he might decide that it would be better if he pulls away because she has changed.

Men don’t pull away from women who do this!       

Have you heard this quote: “Our character is what we do when we think
no one is looking”?
Yeah, well… that wisdom can be applied to relationships as well.
You can get a good indication of the character of a potential
girlfriend/boyfriend by just observing what they do and how
they treat others when it “doesn’t matter.”

What they say is sometimes less important than how they say it.
In other words actions speak louder than words.

If you are faking, eventually you will slip up!
Let your man and indeed everyone, get to know, like and love the real you.
That way no one will pull away because you have changed.


These women never worry about their men pulling away.

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