Melt Your Man’s Heart To Get The Ring This Way

Melt your man’s heart to get the ring this way requires you to be

Whether you are on your first date or staring a new relationship;
have the courage to be yourself!

That does not mean you can OR SHOULD unload your entire life story in
one sitting, but there is a world of difference between being private and
being a liar or a fake.

If you are one of those women who feel that you have to lie
in order to melt your man’s heart and get the ring all I can say
is “Don’t do it!”

Lies have a way of being found out and pretending to be someone
you are not will have you always feeling insecure and on edge.

This will not put you in a good place to melt your man’s heart and get
the ring.


Instead, your partner will pickup on your tenseness
and because he is not able to determine what is
just “not right” he might reject the relationship
and of course you will also feel rejected.

Everyone wants to be seen in their best light, but pretending
to be what you are not is no way to accomplish this.

For example, some women worry about having had too
many romantic partners, so they lie and reduce the
numbers to what they consider to be:

  • More respectable
  • More acceptable

However, this can be damaging to the relationship and not worth the gamble.

Better to be upfront about the numbers of  your romantic partners and say you
are very discriminating and would not settle for less than you desire and deserve.

Your current love interest or new partner may or may not find these numbers acceptable, however, that will be their choice and at least you can move on
without fear of being found out and being rejected after you have much
more invested in the relationship.

When you lay the the ground work to melt your man’s heart and get the ring this
way you are building a much more realistic and dynamic relationship than one
built on fear and insecurity.

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