Is It Too Late To Save Your Marriage After An Affair

Is it too late to save your marriage after an affair?
That is of course a question that only you and  your
spouse can answer.

However, if  you decide that you want to save your marriage then
you can take heart that it can be done because other couples
have successfully done so.

When you start from this positive perspective you will be more
optimistically motivated to follow strategies that will give you the
outcome you hope for.

Deciding to save your marriage will take emotional, spiritual and even
physical strength.

Your commitment to one another and the marriage must be absolute!

The affair and the emotional fallout that has torn the fabric of your
marriage must obviously be worked through, however, it cannot be
allowed to become or remain the centerpiece of the relationship.

This a time for honest communication that will address the underlying
cause of the affair.

Healing the relationship will take time for each of you to work separately
and together to save your marriage.

Some couples decide to go it on their own while others enlist the help of trained marriage
help professionals.

Whatever route you choose, I wish you healing in your marriage!

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