A Blog For Couples Who Want To Stay Together Even After Adultery

A blog FOR COUPLES WHO WANT TO STAY together even after adultery in their marriage.

I would think that it is obvious that not all marriages traumatized by an affair ends up in divorce court.

Although adultery is still cited as the the leading cause of marriage breakdown many couples still manage
to work through the devastation and stay together.

As a pro-marriage researcher and content writer, I enjoy helping couples learn:

  • How to survive the affair

  • And stay together in their marriage.

Many couples, because of false pride and pressure from outside influences, such as family members and so called friends feel pressured into ending their marriages even if they would rather work things out and stay together even after adultery.

Am I saying that this is easy to do? No, I am not saying that and it is not easy to forgive such a hurtful and self-esteem damaging betrayal by someone who promised to love and be faithful to you forever.

However, there are many couples who do make the decision to find out what  the event of adultery means in their marriage and fix the problem(s) and move on to build stronger more enduring marriages.

It happens all the time and you can do it too!

Couples who want to stay together even after adultery have one very important thing going for them right from the start; they are committed to their relationship as a team and take the good times with the bad times.

Certainly adultery is considered one of the big “bad” times, because it truly is, both for the cheated on spouse as well as the cheater.

If the couple sees adultery as a symptom as something gone wrong in their marriage and not that the whole marriage is worthless, then they will do the hard work that is necessary to bring the relationship back to where they want it to be and end up staying together even after adultery by one or both partners.
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4 Responses to A Blog For Couples Who Want To Stay Together Even After Adultery

  1. Joan says:

    Heck of a job there, it absolutely helped me out.

  2. Amos Baj says:

    This is a great blog, whats your writing techniques? 😉

    • Yvonne Finn says:

      Hi Amos Baj,
      Thanks for stopping by my survivetheaffairtogether.com blog posts!
      I really do appreciate your kind comment.
      My writing technique on the subject is to research from many different sources and then “put myself in the others person’s shoes”.
      I just think of how I would feel and react if my spouse cheated on me and then try to put htose feelings into words.
      Thanks again and I wish you continued success with seomarketingservicesonline.com

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