Rebuilding Trust After An Affair In Your Marriage

Rebuilding trust after an affair in your marriage is a delicate task and will take time and caring objective advice.

This is not the time to turn to family members and friends who might be too emotionally involved to give impartial advice.

After you have discovered an adulterous affair in your marriage the first thing you will need to do is bring your emotional turmoil under control.

If you find that you are too angry to even speak civilly with your spouse then you will need some time  to “cool off” before you say words that will further damage your marriage.


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Rebuilding the trust after an affair in your marriage can be done and you can do it with commitment and resources by trained professionals who specialize in repairing damaged relationships.

There are many well researched resources and effective counseling programs
to help you heal all areas of your marriage that has been traumatized by your spouse’s infidelity.

If you have decided that you want to survive an affair and save your marriage then I know that you will  make the effort to find those resources that are appropriate for your specific circumstance.

I wish you healing in your marriage!


Yvonne Finn

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