Discover Why Men Cheat And How To Protect Your Marriage Relationship

Discover why men cheat and how to protect your marriage or relationship.
It would be too easy and simple to say that men cheat because they can.

Or, that it is part of their DNA and nature.

At times it might seem that men are cheaters and liars without morals
or a conscience.

However, in a book on this topic, The Truth About Why Men Cheat; Marriage
counselor M. Gary Neuman cites the following findings:

  • 48% of men rated emotional dissatisfaction as the
    primary reason they cheated.

  • 66% of cheating men report feeling guilt during the affair.

  • 77% of cheating men have a good friend who cheated.


Discover Why Men Cheat And How To Protect Your Marriage

So, armed with this information how can you protect your marriage relationship.

Well, in the first finding above, the myth that “all men want is sex” is dispelled.
Men are emotional beings, though they might express it differently than
women do.
Men want to be shown appreciation and thoughtfulness!

As a woman who wants to protect her marriage relationship
you have to be alert to the clues that your spouse
needs a “pat on the back” because
he might not articulate it directly.

But some other woman might pick up on these subtle clues and fill the need!

The number two finding  is very revealing and also a bit alarming, because
it shows that men who cheat are not all “jerks” and “losers”!
Men feel guilty but cheat anyway because they can compartmentalize
their feelings thinking that they will deal with “that” later.

In this case “that” is the guilt from cheating. Which is going to damage the
relationship no matter how long he waits to deal with it.
Discover Why Men Cheat And How To Protect Your Marriage

The number three findings goes to the old saying “be careful the company
you keep”.
When men hang around with other cheating men, it seems to legitimize their
bad behavior.
Of course, you cannot forbid your spouse to see his friends, but here are two
possible solutions to avoiding this problem:

  • Request that they spend their time together in an environment
    that offers less temptation, like at a sporting event or a restaurant
    for lunch rather than at a bar or club.
  • Build your social circle around happily married couples that share
    your values — it’ll create an environment that supports marriage.

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