Is Your Spouse Having An Emotional Affair

Is your spouse having an emotional affair? Are you …?

images shows woman sad and crying How do you know if your spouse or you have become
involved in an emotional affair with someone else?

This can happen so subtly that you don’t notice and
by the time you do, it has become a very dangerous and
damaging situation for your marriage.

So, what is an emotional affair?

Because our society is so uninhibited and the sexes can so freely work, play
socialize, attend worship and just generally mix it up  together this can lead to
strong attachments being formed.

This is fine when the couple is not already in a committed romantic relationship :
such as a marriage.

But, when they are and one of you steps out and forms a  relationship that interferes
with your ability to give 100% to your marriage, then you most
likely have crossed the line into an emotional affair.

These affairs can be devastating  and confusing even while seeming harmless, because
even when there is no actual physical cheating – a sense of betrayal still exists.

Believe or not some spouses say that they could handle it better if their spouses
cheated than have an emotional affair!

Here is why:

For the spouse of someone who is having an emotional affair, it is often reported to be
just as heartbreaking as a physical affair.
For some victims of an emotional affair, it is even more heartbreaking than finding out
their spouse has had sex with someone else.

This is because, with an emotional affair, there is a deeper attachment to another person
outside of your marriage that goes beyond just a physical encounter.

Almost all these emotional affairs start innocently! Most of those involved do not set out to
hurt anyone …
You’re friendly with someone of the opposite sex, and then, it just evolves over time  into
something else …  a strong attachment and connection that has drawn you in and away from
your spouse.

Watch for the follow up post that will show you how to take the Emotional Affair Test to see if
you or spouse is at risk and what to do if either of you have crossed that fine line …


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images shows woman sad and crying

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