Can You Survive The Affair Together ?

women crying Can you survive the affair together or more importantly, do you want to?

You see I have learned that free individuals can pretty much
accomplish anything they want strongly enough.

So, the question then becomes “Do you want to get past the affair
and save your marriage”?

Is your love stronger than the affair?

Is your love for each other enough to get over the hurt, anger and feelings
of betrayal, guilt and resentment which are all natural fallout from cheating?
Accepting that your marriage is forever changed is key to this relationship
If you or your spouse try to avoid examining the trauma of the affair or do not
deal with the pain that has been caused then it is not likely your marriage will

You have heard that you cannot fix a thing unless you know it is broken.

Well, your marriage is broken!

It may be fixable and may become even better than it was, but you and your
spouse must work to address what caused the break in the first place.

Let me hasten to say that I am not talking about assigning blame or discussing
who is at fault.
Although the spouse who cheated is clearly responsible for this inexcusable and
hurtful lapse of judgement – it is obvious that the relationship was going off track
and needed attention.

A marriage is made up of two living breathing organism and must be treated as such.
It must be given the attention that is given any other living thing, plants, pets and people.

If the only time you pay attention to to each other is when there is a crisis such as surviving
an affair then your relationship will not be the secure, fulfilling and joyous haven it was meant to be.

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