Secrets To Survive The Affair Together

Secrets to survive the affair together will help you get over the feelings of devastation,
rage, rejection and humiliation that are some of the emotions that follow being cheated
on by your spouse.

In this 3 – phase healing plan, Dr. Frank Gunzburg, who has 35 years of helping couples save
their marriages, takes you by the hand and shows you how to go from hurting to happy again.

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What if I told you that the most effective way to rebuilding your marriage is included in
on of the following ten actions:

  • Talking
  • Reading self-help books
  • Praying
  • Asking for forgiveness
  • Sending, cards, letters and gifts
  • Being more attentive
  • Discussing the details of the affair and answering your spouse’s questions
  • Setting boundaries
  • Meeting each others needs …

However, if you are to get past the cheating you will need to know when to do the right

That is why you need Secrets To Survive The Affair Together


Secrets To Survive The Affair Together

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