Dating After Divorce Can Be Tricky

Dating after divorce can be tricky and laden down with excess emotional baggage.

Even though I usually write about finding ways to stay together after cheating, there
are times when that is just not possible.

And I have to admit that!

For instance, some couples had decided before hand that cheating would be a dealbreaker in
their relationship.

If they stick to that agreement then there is nowhere to go but divorce court!

Hopefully these two one time lovers of each other can find a way to go their own way
without too much acrimony.

Too much bitterness from a failed marriage or relationship can carry over to dating after divorce.

Many newly single again individuals are turning to online dating which is fast becoming the new
singles scene.

But beware, the rules are different from the offline version!

For one thing anonymity can sometimes be used to inflict serious harm when you are
already vulnerable and maybe even a little insecure.

On the ads for these types of sites you can see many happy couples who found each other on one of
these online dating sites and that is indeed a happy ending.

But you must still use caution and your own good judgement to find the mate you want.

  • Know what you want
  • Take your time and don’t be rushed
  • Give as little personal information as possible
  • Take their phone and use*67 when you call them
  • Do not give your work address
  • Read more safety tips below in the

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