Forgiveness For My Cheating Spouse

Forgiveness for my cheating spouse is admittedly not the first think that sprang to my
mind when I discovered his infidelity …

I was so angry and full of rage that I wanted to do him bodily harm.
So, I asked him to give me some space to process the hurtful feelings of rejection
and trauma to my self-esteem.

Before deciding to find forgiveness for my cheating spouse, I had to examine my
marriage to see if there was enough positive equity in the relationship to make the effort
to save it.

Don’t get me wrong I was not looking for ways to justify my husband’s cheating!

There is no justification for infidelity and he would have to agree to own his decision
to do so!

But marriage is for “better or for worse” and just because we have hit upon one of those
“worse” scenarios does not mean that I should just jump ship without seeing if the relationship
is worth saving.

Discover how you too can find forgiveness for your cheating spouse and put the adultery in the

The most important question you will face after you have decided to forgive your husband’s cheating is:

  • How can I forgive after they hurt me so badly?

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