I Want Help To Get Past My Husband’s Infidelity To Save The Marriage

Many women say, “I want help to get past my husband’s infidelity to save the marriage”  but
then they sabotage this very personal and life-changing decision by turning to the wrong
people for advice.
For some marriages cheating, adultery, infidelity or whatever name you give it is a
dealbreaker that spells the demise of the relationship.

No recourse or reprieve!

And that is certainly a couple’s choice, especially if that was something they agreed to going
into the marriage.

And yes, I am aware that being faithful to one another sexually is implied in the wedding
vows, but well, life happens and there are all kinds of reasons why spouses cheat on each another.

So, it is up to them to decide if they can get past the trauma that infidelity causes them and save their marriage.

Here are three suggestions:

  • Take a breather, some space and time to cool down from the anger, pain, feelings of rejection
    and resentment, guilt and all the other negative and disempowering emotions that are tearing
    you apart.
  • Then talk to each other to see if you agree to save the marriage
  • Decide if you will try to do this challenging work on your
    own (just the two of you working it out together)

If  however, at some point you realize that you want/need outside input to help save the marriage, then:

  • Speak only with family members or friends who like you both, want the marriage to succeed
    and can be objective with their advice
  • Work with a Relationship Advice Counselor who is pro-marriage and will work to save
    your marriage since this is what you want.

When you say, “I want help getting past my hisband’s infidelity to save my marriage” ensure
that you don’t work against yourself by allowing people with hidden agendas to influence you
by denigrating your decision.

get past husband's infidelity to save the marriageLove is powerful and strong and made to
withstand even the worse case scenario.

Which cheating certainly is!

Your marriage is sacrosanct, a place where
only you and your spouse have final say.

I wish you healing in your marriage, always!



P.S. Click here to go to an online resource that many couples have found helpful in getting past infidelity to save the marriage

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