Why Many Marriages Do Not Survive Cheating

Many marriages do not survive cheating because of :

  • The false pride of the victimized spouse, and
  • Worrying about what others will think if you work to save the marrige.

Please don’t get me wrong!
I am not condoning cheating and the horrific blow that it can deliver
to the victim and the relationship.

There  are many reasons given by the cheater; but, there is no excuse to be
made for the terrible betrayal of infidelity.
And for some spouses that is just too much to forgive and forget; in that
case all they can do is call it quits.

Ebook To Help Survive An AffairHowever, many more marriages could survive  the affair
if the couple would be left alone to work it through without
the wronged party being made to feel like a fool for wanting
to do so.

This is one of the biggest barriers to success in surviving
cheating in a marriage!
I watched an episode of Family Feud yesterday where the
host Steve Harvey asked the contestants this question:
“What are the reasons that a woman might not leave her cheating husband?”
The third most given answer was because,” She is just plain stupid”!

Does anyone willingly want to be thought of as stupid?
I think not!

So, of course if a woman’s husband has cheated on her and she has
friends who think she would be stupid to stay in the marriage; what do you
think she would do even if she still loves her husband?

Thankfully the number one answer to the Family Feud question above
was that the woman stayed because she still loved her husband.

Marriages are not perfect!
Human beings are not perfect!

That is why the marriage vows say “for better or for worse”.

Couples seem to block those words out of their minds as soon as they utter

Ideally you would never cause each other even one moment of unhappiness
or pain, but that is unlikely.

The best approach is to learn to be forgiving and kind to each other even through
an event as traumatic and heart-breaking as adultery.

Read what the Huffington Post has to say about how your marriage can survive
and thrive after infidelity.

Women cheat too!
Men feel just as hurt when they discover that their wife is cheating.
Even if he still loves her and wants to stay in the marriage he needs help to
cope with the devastating emotional pain caused by her affair.
Normally, he would turn to his wife for support but since  it is her action that
is the direct cause for his pain and suffering it is not his option now.

So, he needs more objective help and solutions.

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