Can I Save The Marriage Even If Only I Want To?

Can I save the marriage even if only I want to?
Cindy says her marriage is a wreck buried under
years of unresolved anger, resentment and an almost
total lack of trust and respect.

What is worse is that her husband, Marshall, either is
unaware of the situation or doesn’t care.
She is not even sure if he has had an affair because they
just don’t connect on any level.
Read Gary Smalley’s hopeful and helpful book about giving your
marriage one more try before giving up.
One More Try: What to Do When Your Marriage Is Falling Apart

Cindy has awakened to the alarming possibility that she might have
to give up on the marriage if things don’t improve dramatically
and fast.

In other words the status quo must go!

This is the situation that has made her ask, “can I save the marriage even if only
I want to”?

Save The Marriage Even If Only I Want To In The BeginningYou see at this point Cindy is not sure if Marshall is
still interested in either her or their life together.

They have lived separate lives under the same
roof for so long that they have become more like
roommates than spouses.

The only thing Cindy is certain of is that she still
loves Marshall and want to remain married to him.

So, where to begin to save the marriage?

This Save The Marriage program gives four marriage saving myths
that Cindy must avoid:

Myth One:
Learning more communication skills
Sometimes this only helps the couple fight more effectively and hastens
the destruction of the relationship.
Better communication starts in the heart! You start by being honest
with each other . Become vulnerable about your needs, wants, hopes
and dreams.

Myth Two:

There is only one “path” back from the brink of divorce to marital bliss.
Actually, there are eight specific paths and they must taken strategically
to optimize the goal of saving the marriage.
Cindy will need to learn exactly which stage of marriage crisis she is facing
and the steps to take going forward.

Myth Three:

You can’t start saving your marriage by yourself! Not true …
Eventually it will take two to save the marriage; but initially you can get the ball
rolling by using the negative energy in your relationhip to turn things around.

Myth Four:

Time Heals All
This is probably the most damaging myth of all; because it implies that if you
do nothing things will just magically work out.
How has that been working?
Not well and now your marriage is in danger of dying.
It is critical that you step up and start saving your marriage before it gets to a point
of no return.

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