Is Facebook Hazardous To Your Relationship?

Is Facebook hazardous to your relationship and does it encourage cheating?

This question is asked and answered here in the following opinion piece and
study published in Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking.

One reason that facebook and other social network sites is thought of as encouraging
and enabling cheating is:

  • The ease of connecting with someone new or
  • Reconnecting with an old flame.
  • Plus the anonymity of these contacts

Whether you agree or disagree that facebook is hazardous to your relationship it cannot
be denied that for some people these programs make it easier to cross the line seemingly
without consequence.

Have you asked yourself if facebook is hazardous to your relationship?

What would you do if you discovered that your spouse or romantic partner was
cyber cheating on you?

Read why “Cheating Has Never Been Easier”

Read James Bauer’s Facebook Encourages Cheating Here!

The Huffington Post also did an article about Facebook cheating.

They pose the question “Do you know the signs of a social media affair”?

Stating that “cheating is easier than ever before and that it was a much greater
logistic challenge to cheat before we had texting.”

While these new technologies do not cause cheating, they  complicit in doing so.

Because they are increasingly being used to carry out this devastating betrayal of
one partner in the relationship.

Whether you are a cheater yourself or have a social media cheating spouse maybe
it is time to stop and think about the consequences and ultimate cost to your relationship.


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