Physical Or Emotional Cheating In Your Marriage

Have you experienced the trauma of physical or emotional cheating in your marriage?

Then I am sure you have also read or heard the definitions and distinctions between
the two.

One thing is clear, both of these events inflict immeasurable pain, and depending
on the personality of the victim, they can be equally devastating personally and/or
to the relationship.

The questions have been asked, “What is the difference between emotional and
physical affairs”?
Or, does emotional affairs hurt as much as sexual affairs?

Or, is it cheating if there is no sex”?

For anyone who has experienced the terrible hurt caused by either physical or
emotional cheating in their marriage those questions and others like them are

The only thing these sufferers know for certain is that they are in
unimaginable emotional and psychic pain due to the one-sided action of
someone who they loved (probably still loves)and trusted.

Is is possible to protect your marriage from emotional or physical
Or, to rebuild the relationship if cheating has already happened?

Well, life may seem to hold no 100% guarantees but some efforts
are more than worth the time and energy we put into it.

I believe saving your marriage is worth the effort and hope you do too.

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