Survive The Affair Together Even Before Your Marriage

You can survive the affair together even before your marriage!
At first glance that statement might sound as if am saying
that you or your spouse should plan to cheat or even condone adultery.

That is emphatically not what I am saying!

However, we are human and as such we make mistakes, even one
as painful as an adulterous affair in your marriage.

When you are saying your marriage vows, really pay attention
to what you are promising to do together forever.
Remember that line “for better or for worse”.
Keep it in your mind as you go forward with the marriage.

All of us expect and gladly accept the good in the marriage.
What about when the worse comes along?

Obviously, you would hope never to experience anything as painful
as an affair in your marriage and will do all you can to avoid having
either your partner or yourself commit this transgression.

However, if you both decide ahead of time that nothing except abuse
or death will separate you then you can survive the affair together
theirs or yours.

Will it be easy? Not on your life! Saving your marriage after an
affair will most likely be one of the most difficult things you ever
have to go through in your life.

The feelings of anger, betrayal, hurt and resentment will seem to
overwhelm you and you will want to give up and start over with
someone else.

And if after some time you really feel absolutely unable to see the
challenge through – you might have to end your marriage.
But I caution you to ensure that you have given the effort to save your
marriage all that you have.

Take as much time as you need or are willing to give each other.

Do not be influenced by friends, families or counselors.
You are the expert in your marriage relationship.
By all means seek out unbiased input from individuals who you
trust to be objective and fair minded to the situation.

Here’s How Your Marriage Can Survive And Thrive After Infidelity

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