Healing The Pain Of Infidelity And Melting Your Man’s Heart

Healing the pain of infidelity can seem like an unrealistic and impossible dream when you first learn of your spouse’s devastating betrayal.

When a couple first get together to start their relationship, everything can be so rosy, perfect and happy that infidelity and the ensuing pain that it causes is unimaginable.

But when your relationship has been damaged by infidelity and you want to heal from the pain and eventually mend and save your marriage then you must find effective ways that will help you do this.

At first, the thought of forgiving your cheating spouse is not something you feel you will ever be able to do; however, this is something you will need to do, not just for them but for you and your marriage.

Healing the pain of infidelity starts with your decision to forgive your partner and accept that their cheating is now :

  • An irreversible part of your relationship story

  • And which you will now work on to put behind you and move on together.

Until you have taken this first step there will be nothing on which to rebuild your marriage!

Forgiving and accepting your spouse’s infidelity does not mean that you condone it or suddenly stop feeling betrayed and angry, it simply means that you are no longer trying to deny or block it out.

It has been said, that you can’t fix a problem until you accept that there is one and that is why facing your partner’s infidelity is so important in the mending of your relationship.   

Unless your spouse has become a serial cheater and no longer cares about you and your marriage then your willingness to forgive them will provide a starting point to help with healing the pain of infidelity and Saving Your Marriage


Time and loving commitment are also necessary and integral begin healing the pain of infidelity.

If you are the spouse who has been cheated on you will need to tell your unfaithful spouse exactly what you will need from them in order to feel valued, safe and secure in the relationship again.

Never be pressured into “moving on” until you feel that you have worked through the anguish and pain of your partner’s infidelity.

Sometimes a cheating spouse may want to quickly reconcile past their infidelity and sweep the whole hurtful event under the rug.

This is perhaps because of the shame and guilt that they are feeling, due in part to the pain they have caused you by cheating.

However, if you do not take the time that you feel that you need to heal from infidelity and put it firmly in the past then you might find the unresolved anger re-surfacing again and again in the future which will cause setbacks and make the process of reconciliation longer than it needs to be.  

Learn how to forgive your spouse!
Work through the pain of infidelity

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