Can Ego Ruin Your Relationship With Your Spouse?

Do you want to ruin your relationship with your spouse? I bet you will answer “Of course not”!
However, it is a fact that in some instances, putting your ego first can destroy your
relationship or marriage.

So, is your ego harming your relationships?

Let us get extreme and say your husband had an affair! That is what every wife dreads.
The pain and humiliation that some women experience in this event is not unlike a
death blow.

Some unfortunately, cannot forgive this betrayal and the union dies.

But, hold on a minute!
Did these women really stop loving their husbands on the spot?
Were they really incapable of forgiving their men, especially if it was a one time episode?

I am not minimizing the hurt, anger, pain and trauma of  a cheating partner living through
an affair in your marriage.
However, many women completely ruin the relationship when they put their ego above it.

What do I mean by that?
We all have egos. I believe that is part of being human.

Discover how to enjoy a soul-based relationship rather that an ego-based one!

But some things are more important than our egos.
Our important relationships with people should be able to take an ego blow once in a while and
survive and even thrive.

Too many women cannot or will not forgive the affair because they fear and are too concerned
about looking weak or foolish if they do so. (This applies to some husbands too, of course!)
These couples oftentimes actually have friends and family telling them so.
So, what to do.

First, I am not suggesting that you make yourself a doormat and have your spouse become a serial
This affair must be truly over and your mate (he or she) must be remorseful and want
and ask for your forgiveness.
Take the time you need to work through the trauma by yourself and with each other.
Then get qualified marriage-friendly counselling if you need it…
Saving Your Marriage

Do the work and communicate lovingly and respectfully with each other throughout the whole
As the injured party in the affair you have a right to learn all you can about what caused the
affair (it is not you).
Insist that your husband take ownership for his lapse!

One thing you should not do is to allow your ego to ruin your relationship with your spouse
if you still love him and can rebuild the trust and survive the affair together.

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