How Not To Panic After His Affair In Your Marriage!

Don’t panic after his affair!”   I know you will be thinking “are you crazy?”

But hear me out! When we panic, we  usually shut down or make snap decisions that we will later regret and which we  might not be able to reverse.

Believe me when I tell you that I speak from personal experience.

So, after his affair, be angry and let him know just how betrayed and humiliated you feel.

But learn how not to panic after his affair and say or do things that will take you to divorce court.
Not if you ultimately want to save your marriage and rebuild your relationship.

You will never hear me tell you that this will be easy, because it  most certainly will be  one of the most difficult
experiences of your life.

Some days you will feel like giving up.

But when I say, “don’t panic after his affair” what I mean is not to let fear and overwhelming anger drive him further away from you and PERMANENTLY into the arms of someone else, that is unless you do not want to save your marriage.

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If you panic after his affair you could end up feeling as if you are going crazy, literally losing your mind and that is not a good state in which to make decisions of any kind, let alone one as important as Saving Your Marriage  or ending it.

The whole mix of  negative feelings and haunting images
that you are experiencing is natural and you should take
the time needed to process them.
But, if you allow yourself to become irrational, this will take longer than it need be
and could make a traumatic situation a permanent obstacle
in your aim to Saving Your Marriage

Panic is fear-based and will not empower you to deal with the actual facts of his affair.

Getting back to your former rational self is one of the MOST effective ways of saving your marriage!

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