Cheating Can Never Be Excused

Cheating can never be excused no matter how well reasoned the arguments presented …
to yourself, your partner or anyone else.

What is the reason you cheat and what is the end game?
Cheating emphatically demonstrates that your current relationship is not fulfilling or
satisfying to you.
Did you just get up one morning and decide that or did it take time to get to that realization?
The reason I ask that question is because I want to know if an affair is the only solution to
this situation.

Wouldn’t it be more honorable to discuss your dissatisfaction with your spouse to see how to:

  • Either fix the relationship, or
  • Leave it and find a happier life with someone else

Many cheating spouses claim they are happy in their marriages and that cheating is only
about physical attraction?
Really, who are they kidding?

I do not care for or respect cheaters and nothing they say can make me understand
why they do it.

Infidelity greats so many victims!

It is one of the most avoidable painful events in your relationship.
Cheating is disrespectful to your partner, your family, yourself and even your
cheating accomplice.
Even if you are honest about not leaving your marriage then what is the point of
Where is this extramarital relationship going?

In my opinion it is far kinder to let your spouse know that you are not happy
in the marriage and want to leave and find someone else.
Yes, that will be very painful, especially if your mate was unaware of your

But that makes you both free to go and find love again.



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