Make Your Spouse Talk

Make your spouse talk to you is a misnomer as you cannot
actually ‘MAKE “anyone talk with you unless you use force.

I am sure you WILL not resort to that!

However, the easiest way to get your spouse to open up and
communicate with you is through positive “talking” on your

How to Talk So Your Husband Will Listen: And Listen So Your Husband Will Talk

Let them know that you respect and care about them and also
how it makes you feel when they shut you out.

Rejection! Lack of intimacy! Concern that something is
wrong with them or the relationship…
Do Not Nag!

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Remember, you cannot actually force your spouse or partner to engage
in a dialog with you but you certainly can make it appealing for
them to want to do so.

You do this by not shutting them out yourself…
You know: when they are not talking to you, you do the same …
as in the “revenge shutout”!

You withdraw with the attitude “I don’t know what’s bugging you” and I
have other things to do besides trying to read your mind!
Well, not only is that petty, but when you repeat that behavior it could
seriously harm your marriage or relationship later on.

“Why”, you ask?

Because, your mate might interpret it as your lack of caring about him
and the relationship.

I am sure that is not an impression you want him to have!

Degrading or eroding your love, care and respect for each other is
not a way to build a loving long-term life together.

It is important that you pick the right time and place to have this
conversation with your beloved.
Not when they are watching a much anticpated sports event on TV or
when they are tired from over-time at work.

Pick a quiet time free from distractions and say plainly that we really
need to talk.

Look into their eyes and let them know that this is very important to you…
then tell them that their recent lack of communication is causing you
to worry about the relationship.

Remember, your spouse is not a mind reader and neither are you …

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