Make Your Spouse Your Friend

Make your spouse your friend by talking honestly and respectfully with
them, to them and about them.

There are some valuable insights in that seemingly obvious observation.

Many of us SEEM to have lost the ability to communicate our feelings
from a place of authenticity and compassion for the other person.

Especially when the other individual is an intimate connection such
as spouse.

We think that the nature of the relationship gives us the right to be
as off-handed as we feel like being.

It would be more beneficial for your relationship if your spouse and you
became friends before beginning your life together.

But sometimes many couples are so carried away by passion and chemistry
that they forget that marriage is for the long-term and will need more than
sexual attraction to weather the arguments and disagreements ahead.

Yes! There will be a time when you will argue with each other.

I know that is hard to imagine when you are both just getting to know each
other and are both on your best behaviour.

But there will be times when one or both of you could be so angry that you
cannot even stand to be in the same room together.
Hopefully, you will love each other and be mature enough to work through
these times and decide to remain in the relationship.

If you have made your spouse your friend then sitting down to talk  out your
problems out should be easier.

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