Women Are Worthy

Women Are Worthy to be accepted, acknowledged and appreciated!

Women Are Worthy to be accepted, acknowledged and appreciated!

Do you ever question your worth as a woman?
Have you felt paralyzed by the challenges you face?
Does moving ahead seem like too much of an effort?

Ettie was challenged in those areas and more, so she is
well equipped to help you overcome and soar into the
fulfilling life of YOUR dreams.
Have you buried those dreams under years of “stuff”?

Read Women Are Worthy and you will begin again to
see possibilities and potential instead of just problems.
Ettie has crafted this life-changing book to help you:

  • Discover your worth
  • Take action
  • Soar toward your goals

In Worthy Are Worthy, Ettie asks the question” Why perch like
a chick when you can soar like an eagle?

Why indeed!

Women Are Worthy Key Point

One of the key takeaways from this powerful and poignant book
is that women must believe in their worth. This is not something
that anyone else can give to you.

Rediscovering or taking back your self-worth is an intensive and
life-changing endeavour.

But as you will learn in Ettie’s intimate sharing of her profound
life lessons, skills and strategies designed to empower you, the
effort is well worth it.

It’s time to get up read, Women Are Worthy, get off that perch
and begin to soar like the eagle you know you are!

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