Relationship Resolutions Anyone?

Relationship resolutions may seem unromantic at first glance but if you adopt a few
of the ones that follow you might find just the love you are looking for.

Elite Daily did an article called:  “Here Are The 17 Relationship Resolutions You Should Set In 2017” by Ishita Bhojwani

I will recap them here for you in the order I prefer.

  • Make dating fun and don’t worry so much about long-term
  • Mindset? Adventure to learn about each other!
  • It is okay to be yourself and show it
  • Be calm and in the moment
  • Ignore the Hollywood “ideal” relationship
  • Create your own real life one of a kind pairing
  • Make the first move! Say “Hello”
  • Don’t rush because everyone around you think you should

Don't rush your romantic relationship

Relationship Resolutions Can Free You!

Make some today and go for it!

Continue reading the article to find the ones you want to try and you could end the year
with the love of your life!


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