Forever Together Takes Your Consistent Commitment

Whether you are just starting to date or you are already in a long-term
relationship it is vital to remind yourself that forever together is what
you are going for AND it takes consistent commitment.

What does consistent commitment mean?

It means that you forget about Hollywood’s portrayal of love and
You must also eschew comparing your marriage or relationship
with anyone else’s.

Forever together takes repeated and ongoing effort to rebuild and
maintain a loving and respectful bond with each other.

It is not going to be all smooth sailing and there may be times
when one or both of you might feel like it is easier to quit than
to go on together.

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Getting from “Hello To Forever Together” need not be a pipe dream
no matter what statistics and your friends say.

When you make staying together in a loving, dynamic and fulfilling
relationship a labor of love you can achieve it!

I wish you success and great joy with your chosen beloved.

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