Survive The Affair Together helps couples work through cheating
and the pain, anger and resentment that follows the affair.

You will get advice, suggestions, tips and resources (free and paid)
to encourage you to avoid the natural reaction to want to end your
relationship precipitously…

All my adult life I have enjoyed helping couples learn how to survive and
stay together after one of the most painful event in their romantic
relationship – an adulterous affair.

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Reason Couples Divorce

Before you think that I am giving advice from a distance, let me tell you that
I have first hand experience of this painful and traumatic event in my own

So, I know what I am talking about when I say, “I feel your pain!”

Take time to process the pain!

However, I also know how important it is to take the time to process the
hurt, anger and even rage that you legitimately feel when you learn of
your spouse’s betrayal.

You will feel rejected and your self-esteem will take a big hit.

Out of resentment and spite you might want to rush to divorce before
checking to see if the marriage is worth saving and rebuilding.

Survive the affair

Let me tell you that the information in this blog is not about preaching
or negating your right to feel angry with your partner.

No, I urge you to vent your feelings and take as long as you need to rebuild
your self-esteem and maybe forgive your spouse.

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Just ensure that whether you end your marriage or stay together the decision
is made just between you and your spouse.

Your family and friends will want to take sides and pressure you to make
decisions to support their perceptions; but they should be allowed to play
a deciding role in your relationship.

 I wish you hope, help and healing in your marriage!



Some of the programs or services that I recommend will pay me a commission for making a sale.
I will of course not abuse your trust and will only offer the highest quality products and services.

I appreciate your trust and patronage!

Thank you

Yvonne Finn

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