Cheating Can Never Be Excused

July 28, 2015

Cheating can never be excused no matter how well reasoned the arguments presented … to yourself, your partner or anyone else. What is the reason you cheat and what is the end game? Cheating emphatically demonstrates that your current relationship is not fulfilling or satisfying to you. Did you just get up one morning and […]

End His Affair With The Other Woman

July 7, 2015

Your husband has cheated and you want to end his affair but don’t think you can find the strength. The revelation of his infidelity has sucked the life out of you and the marriage. It is a gut kick that feels like a death blow! You want to scream and run away. The anger and […]

Get Help With The Guilt Of Cheating On Your Spouse.

July 7, 2015

Get Help With The Guilt Of Cheating On Your Spouse Have you had an affair in your relationship? It is natural to feel guilty when we hurt the ones we love. Cheating on your spouse can provide even more of a reason to feel guilty because the pain inflicted is intentional and should have been […]

Can Ego Ruin Your Relationship With Your Spouse?

June 8, 2015

Do you want to ruin your relationship with your spouse? I bet you will answer “Of course not”! However, it is a fact that in some instances, putting your ego first can destroy your relationship or marriage. So, is your ego harming your relationships? Let us get extreme and say your husband had an affair! […]

Generously Forgiving Makes Surviving An The Affair Possible

February 17, 2015

Generously forgiving your spouse can make it more possible to survive the affair and stay together. I am not discounting or minimizing how hurt you feel and how difficult it can be to be forgiving of such a betrayal in your marriage. However, forgiving while still bearing a grudge towards him or her will only […]

Coping With Emotional Affairs

January 22, 2015

What are emotional affairs and how to cope with them and save your marriage or relationship? According to, emotional affairs are the new adultery. Is she correct? Well, many of these types of connections do lead to physical cheating. But even when they don’t they can be devastating to the other partner in the […]

Making Up When You Do Not Feel Like It

January 5, 2015

All couples have disagreements and some of these quarrels can become so divisive and intense that the couple even consider breaking up instead of making up. However, it takes wisdom to resolve the contentious issue(s) in a timely and gracious manner to reconcile to move on together. It is not the dispute that ends the […]