Coping With Emotional Affairs

January 22, 2015

What are emotional affairs and how to cope with them and save your marriage or relationship? According to, emotional affairs are the new adultery. Is she correct? Well, many of these types of connections do lead to physical cheating. But even when they don’t they can be devastating to the other partner in the […]

Making Up When You Do Not Feel Like It

January 5, 2015

All couples have disagreements and some of these quarrels can become so divisive and intense that the couple even consider breaking up instead of making up. However, it takes wisdom to resolve the contentious issue(s) in a timely and gracious manner to reconcile to move on together. It is not the dispute that ends the […]

How Long Will It Take To Rebuild Your Marriage Post Affair

November 14, 2014

Only you can determine how long it will take to rebuild your marriage post affair! You see,  you can only rebuild your marriage after you have decided that it is worth saving in the first place. If your spouse has damaged your marriage by having an extramarital affair your feelings of anger and betrayal can be so […]

Survive The Affair Together Even Before Your Marriage

November 6, 2014

You can survive the affair together even before your marriage! At first glance that statement might sound as if am saying that you or your spouse should plan to cheat or even condone adultery. That is emphatically not what I am saying! However, we are human and as such we make mistakes, even one as […]

Physical Or Emotional Cheating In Your Marriage

October 7, 2014

Have you experienced the trauma of physical or emotional cheating in your marriage? Then I am sure you have also read or heard the definitions and distinctions between the two. One thing is clear, both of these events inflict immeasurable pain, and depending on the personality of the victim, they can be equally devastating personally […]

Is Divorce Really Your Only Option?

September 26, 2014

If you have asked yourself if divorce is really your only option for challenges in your marriage, then my guess is that you are looking for ways to save your marriage; not end it. For many couples divorce seems to come as a knee-jerk reaction to any and all issues in their relationship. Sometimes spouses […]

Avoid The Seven Deadly Mistakes A Man Makes After His Woman Cheats.

August 22, 2014

Avoid the seven deadly mistakes a man makes after his woman cheats! If YOU want to Survive Her Affair … Much has been written about how to survive an affair when the man is the cheater … but women cheat as well! So, if your wife has had an affair and you want help to […]