Avoid Divorce By Fixing These Two Problems

September 6, 2013

Avoid divorce by fixing these two problems in your marriage … If you want to heal yourself and restore your relationship after the affair … you must successfully resolve the following 2 issues: Learn how to forgive Learn how to restore the honesty Fixing these two issues will determine whether your marriage will last or […]

Is Your Spouse Having An Emotional Affair

August 21, 2013

Is your spouse having an emotional affair? Are you …? How do you know if your spouse or you have become involved in an emotional affair with someone else? This can happen so subtly that you don’t notice and by the time you do, it has become a very dangerous and damaging situation for your […]

How To Make Your Woman Feel Like The Queen Of Your World

August 19, 2013

How to make your woman feel like the queen of your world … which of course is what she should be. In just the same way as she should make you feel like the king! Have you ever noticed that even in marriages where the couples seem to have it all — fabulous looks, unlimited […]

Has Your Spouse Said They Do Not Love You Anymore

August 3, 2013

Has your spouse said they do not love you anymore and you are reeling from the pain and shock of hearing this because you still love them and want to save your marriage? Do not give up hope! The love your spouse once felt for you might not really be dead … just buried under […]

Enjoy This Beautiful Love Song By Pablo Milanes

July 1, 2013

A Beautiful love song can help you remember to appreciate your spouse … We sometimes need a reminder of why we fell in love with this special person and the words or just the tune from a love song can be just what we need. Music can make us laugh or cry, feel sad or […]

Watch This Video If You Love Your Boyfriend And Hate His Hobbies

December 4, 2012

You need to watch this video if you love your boyfriend and hate his hobbies! Why? Because it could not only save your relationship but make it more exciting and sexier too. If you have been told that spending every moment together is how to cement a romantic relationship, then it is time to rethink […]

3 Critical Steps To Rebuilding Your Love Right Now

May 13, 2011

Here are 3 critical steps to rebuilding your love right now and even through the stressful Holiday Season ahead. If your spouse says they no longer love you, and you feel more like enemies than friends, what chance is there for turning the relationship around and restoring the love? (The love may NOT really be […]